Mr. Rajiv Kumar

The versatile and Dynamic School Manager, MR. RAJIV KUMAR has been associated with the school since 2002. He is the man behind the success of the school. His area of work includes Administration, Accounts, Security, Logistics, Purchase and Transport. He is the P.R.O (Public Relation Officer) of the school. He is Liaisoning Officer of the school, liaisoning between various Government departments. He is a mentor, guide and an able administrator. The school is functioning smoothly under his expert guidance and support. He never leaves any obstacles coming his way and comes out triumphantly from all the hurdles for the progress of school.

Dr. Neelima Prakash

Principal DR. NEELIMA PRAKASH, an ardent disciplinarian is a beacon for many. Born with a streak of leadership she has been a guiding force and able administrator. Post Graduate in Science with M.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D, and passionate to impart values to the young generation. She has been a part of the Teaching Fraternity for the past thirty-five years and has fifteen years administrative experience She believes that hard work is a key to success and there is no substitute for hard work.

Ms. Renu S. Verma
Education Officer

Education Officer MS. RENU S. VERMA has been associated with the school since its inception in 1991. A dynamic and versatile lady she believes that school is a temple of learning where every day is a learning experience not only for its students but also for the teachers. True to her belief she has not stopped learning and empowering herself with the latest changes in education. She is BSc, B.Ed., MA and MBA.

Ms. Indu Kaushik

Vice Principal MS. INDU KAUSHIK too has been associated with the school since 1991. An ideal teacher she is committed to develop the all-round personality of the students. She is the Vice Principal. An MA, B.Ed., she is a source of inspiration for all.

Ms. Kiran Bala
Ms. Anita Wadhwa
Deputy Coordinator
Ms. Aruna Behl
Controller of Examination
Ms. Mamta Shridhar
Chief Editor Website and School Magazine
Mr. Laxman Sehrawat
H.O.D. Physical Education