Sr. Principal Neelima Prakash, an ardent disciplinarian is a beacon for many. A Post Graduate in Science with M.Ed, M.Phil, her passion for inculcating values and goodwill has seen her take on many challenges and come out triumphant. She has been a part of the Teaching Fraternity for the past thirty-two years and has fifteen years administrative experience. Born with a streak of leadership she has been a guiding force and able administrator. As the better half of an Air force Officer she served in various schools all over the country which were privileged to have her in their midst. A well read and articulate personality she is sensitive to the concerns of the society. Her belief that each one of us is unique and in the fact that there is no substitute for hard work has always endeared her to the students and staff.

Ms. Neelima Prakash
Sr. Principal

Ms. Renu S. Verma has been associated with the school since its inception in 1991. A dynamic and versatile lady she believes that school is a temple of learning where everyday is a learning experience not only for its students but also for the teachers. True to her belief she has not stopped learning and empowering herself with the latest changes in education. She is BSc, BEd, MA and MBA.

Ms. Renu S. Verma


Ms. Indu Kaushik too has been associated with the school since 1991. An ideal teacher she is committed to develop the all round personality of the students. She is the Vice Principal and Co-ordinator of the various activities and events of the school. An MA, BEd she is a source of inspiration for all.

Ms. Indu Kaushik


Ms. Dinesh Arya has been associated with the school since 1991. A teacher with an eye for detail she is highly creative. An MA, BEd she is In-charge of the Junior Wing.

Ms. Dinesh Arya


Mr. Rajiv Kumar has been associated with the school since 2001. He is In-charge of the Transport, Administrative and sub-ordinate staff of the school. An able administrator and disciplinarian he is popular with both the staff and students.

Admin Office