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The students of pre primary wing celebrated science day on 20th September, 2022 by showing different type of experiments and activities. Students of UKG A showcased experiment of soluble and insoluble things. Students of UKG B showcased experiment of power of air. Students of UKG C showcased experiment of effect of oxygen . Tiny tots of Nursery did activity of floating balls. Tiny tots of LKG A did activity of cleaning the hands. Tiny tots of LKG B did activity of sink and float. All twinkling stars enjoyed these experiments and activities. They learnt magic with science. Principal ma'am Ms. Dipinder Kaur, EO ma'am Ms. Renu Verma, Vice ma'am Ms. Indu Kaushik , Coordinators Ms. Anita Wadhwa and Ms. Kiran Bala and Head of Science Department Ms. Aruna Behal came to watch these experiments and appreciated a lot to our shining stars.