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National Mathematics Day was celebrated in Lions Public School on 22 Dec 2022 to mark the birthday anniversary of Shri Srinivasan Ramanujan, the great mathematical genius who made exemplary contribution to Mathematics.
The Mathematics day was celebrated with the objective of creating awareness about importance of mathematics in day to day life  and also to create students interest in studying Mathematics.
 Classes III and IV presented a Role Play activity on great mathematicians and their contributions.. Class V participated in 'Sudoku Puzzle' wherein students prepared Sudoku puzzles and solved by interchanging each other's puzzles in the class. Class VI students made and displayed beautiful 3-D Model based on Maths. Students of Class VII made beautiful and creative Rangometry to depict their creativity and understanding. Students of Class VIII  surprised everyone by creating Math Games and Toys. Class IX students composed a  Math Rap where students came up with full vigor and enthusiasm to showcase their talent. Class XI students also participated in a Maths Quiz where they fought face-to-face challenging questions. Videos related on various Mathematicians and their contribution in the field of mathematics and some mathematical games were also shown in all the classes. The students enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the activities whole heartedly. Respected Principal 
Ms. Dipinder Kaur applauded and appreciated the efforts of the students. She also gave tips to overcome the fear of Mathematics..