Lions Public School, Gurgaon prides itself on a happy work force of 74 faculty members along with the support staff. The school employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution. When selecting the faculty the school gives primary consideration to the educational qualification and also related experience competencies and achievement that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes. The management encourages the faculty to upgrade their specialization and pursue any research work to develop their talent further. Every subject is monitored by a subject veteran who is the head of the department. The HOD monitors and guides the subject teachers and bridges the gap at every level.

The various departments are
Department Head of the Department
Hindi Ms. Kiran Bala
English Ms. Mamta Sridhar
Mathematics Ms. Shobha Sharma
Science & Technology Ms. Aruna Behl
Social Sciences Ms. Indu Kaushik
Sanskrit Ms. Raj Bala
Computer Ms. Ruchi Verma
Art Mr. R.P. Mandal
Craft Ms. Nirmal
Dance Ms. Manali Chaturvedi
Music Ms. Laki Goswami
Sports & Games Mr. Laxman Singh
Exam Cell Ms. Poonam Gavari
Commerce Ms. Suman Yadav
Counselor Ms. Suman Wadhawan