To satisfy the artistic appetite of the young painters & craftsmen, the school building has in itself two spacious art & craft halls. The children are encouraged to create their own colourful interpretations of what they see around them. Under the able guidance of our art & craft teachers the children undertake various fun filled projects.

To promote extra curricular activities along with the curriculum we have music period for each class. This helps the students to unwind themselves from the monotonous schedule. It gives them a unique opportunity to learn vocal as well as instrumental music. Tabla, Congo, Casio harmonium are favourite with the students.

“The great thing about a computer notebook is that no matter how much you stuff into it, it doesn’t get bigger or heavier” (Bill Clinton)

Our school is equipped with 3 modern computer labs. One is for the preparatory wing & other two labs are for classes I-X.

In the online lab the theory sessions are taken through projector. Practical lab is for practical sessions. Lab’s are well furnished with networked PC’s in operation.

Labs have also been provided with high-speed internet connections to keep the students aware in this information era.

The students are introduced to the latest technologies in computer by well qualified teachers.

We provide medical attention to the students who are unwell. A trained nurse is appointed to attend to the sick children & provide first aid in case of emergency. The annual medical check ups of the students is done & the record is maintained on the advice of the doctor. The parents concerned are informed if any child needs special attention.

At LPS, we believe in holistic development of the child. It has rightly been seen that ‘Healthy mind needs healthy body to function efficiently’ Great emphasis is given to sports along with large number of activities. They all are a part of the school curriculum. To name a few we have - Basket bal, Lawn tennis, Badminton, Volley ball, Tackwondo, Skating. We have also various indoor games like-Table Tennis, Chess, Yoga, Aerobics & other board games. Special faculty is provided and hired for various activities to be conducted for students.