School Events

Title : Assembly of III-B
Students conveyed a heart touching message that everyone needs to be safe and responsible. They present a beautiful song and a skit.
Title : Diwali Celebration Activity for Classes-I
Many activities for diwali celebration were organized for Classes I
Title : Assembly of III-A
Children presented the ways to celebrate the Diwali in various parts of the country. Children also showcased the harms of bursting crackers.
Title : Diwali Celebration
"Diwali Ki Khushiyan Milen Sabko Apaar Dhan Barsae in Laxmi ji Ganpati Karein Beda Paar"
With these  wishes  preparatory  wing  celebrated  the  festival of  lights  with  great  fervor  and show. It was the  assembly  of  UKG   Marigold on 13th October 2017. The children were excited as  they  proudly  showed  off   their  colourful  attires. They  gave  lot  of  information  on  the  way  this  festival  is  celebrated. They  also  gave  the  message  to celebrate  Diwali  in  an   eco-friendly  manner .The dances  performed  were  very  entincing  and held the attention of  the audience . Wow! What acolourful performance.Keep up the good  work children.

Wish You A Very Happy Diwali .
Title : Assembly of IV-C
Children present a beautiful skit depicting the ways to save our Mother Earth. A poem was also narrated to sensitise the children for Earth.
Title : Teachers Day Celebration
Teacher's Day is one day on which students pay their gratitude to their loving teachers. School celebrated this day with zeal and enthusiasm. Class XII children assumed their roles as teachers and managed the classes. 

Later in the afternoon School Management organized a beautiful party for the teachers where the new teachers showcased a program for their senior colleagues. Three teachers were honored on this day for their exemplary services and dedication towards the institution. They are Ms. Jaswinder Kaur, and  Ms. Neeraj Kapoor Ms. Poornima from English, Science and Hindi Depts. respectively. 

School Chairman Lion A. C. Goel appreciated the efforts of teachers in nation building and Co-Founder chairman Lion D.V. Taneja urged the teachers to impart moral values to the learners.  Lion Vijay Budhiraja Lion H.L. Dang(Immediate Past chairman), Lion Ashok Somal (Secretary), Lion Om Wadhwa, Mrs. Somal and Mrs. Wadhwa were also present on this occasion. 

Manager  Mr. Rajiv Kumar appreciated  and  motivating them to aspire for better results. Sr. Principal Dr. NeelimaPrakash assured the Management that the school will follow guidelines of its mentors. Principal MsRenuVerma delivered vote of thanks and Vice Principal congratulated and blessed the teachers.

Title : Assembly LKG-B (Daisy)
Nature was the topic of the assembly of class LKG DAISY presented on 31st August 2017 . The stage wore a vibrant look with children dressed up in colorful attires depicting flowers, butterflies, trees etc. They spoke confidently. The two dance numbers by tiny tots held the attention of the audience and they clapped in rhythm to the tune. They all walked out with a smile on their faces. Wow what a performance.
Title : Assembly UKG-B (Jasmine)
 dream destination for all. A place famous for its churches, beaches food carnival and of course beauty. Children of UKG B created a "Mini Goa" on the stage. The occasion was, their class assembly. A few glimpses of the place and the lively people of Goa was there for all to see . Children described the beaches, churches, and food of the state. The peppy dance no. by the colourfully clad little ones made the grand finale a great one. The audience was all attention and joined in with their claps to the tune of Maya Maya ya. Keep it up children ! That was great !
Title : Inter School Kabaddi Competition
The students of  Lions Public School went for various inter school competitions and won laurels for the school.
Title : Dancing Fingers (Collage Competition)
"Dancing  Fingers" , a collage competition, was  held  in preparatory wing  on 18th August 2017. Their nimble fingers seemed  to be  dancing as  they  kept  tearing  and  pasting  coloured  paper  on tricolor in their art  &  craft  books. Quite  a  few  of  them  worked  with deft fingers and  pasted  coloured  bits  to  make  the  tricolour  look  vibrant  and colourful. The competition was  tough end  deciding  the prizes  was  difficult.  


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