Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Lions Public School is a perfect nurturing ground for young minds to grow and bloom to their full potential. The school offers a stimulating, comforting and a happy environment to all.

Lions Public School imparts values replete with a strong culture and traditions and at the same instils progressive outlook in raising the students’ self belief, forethought, self esteem and self efficacy. The school offers facilities which are important in order to make the teaching-learning process fun.

The multi pronged approach adopted helps impart learning and growth of children in a holistic way. A strong rapport is built with students as it is extremely important for their growth.

We assist every child in developing key skills which include the ability to apply knowledge, think creatively, express oneself freely, work with others and persevere as well as develop their values, character and confidence to face, influence and change the world.

A personalized feedback on students’ progress is given on a regular basis. The students are encouraged to actively participate in class discussions, intra and inter school activities for their all round growth and development.

Using methods such as peer teaching and collaborative teaching learning techniques, so that children complement each other’s abilities, is another way which aids nurturing in the truest sense.

The experienced faculty puts its best foot forward to make the learning experience enjoyable and educationally enriching.

The synergy between the stakeholders helps the child to bloom to its full potential.

A fun filled and stimulating learning environment for every student is what sets Lions Public School apart from other schools in the vicinity. Each child is nurtured with a lot of love, care and values.

Working as a team is another facet that is looked into, ideas are challenged so that the students ruminate over the same. Regular feedback is given, which is a very vital tool in the entire learning process. It’s a happy environment for all.

As per the motto of the school ‘Learn to Serve’, everyone here considers life as a service and acts accordingly which ultimately brings immense joy in the lives of all.

Ms. Dipinder Kaur (Principal)

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi