Books are ships that sail the seas
To lands of snow or jungle trees.
And I’m the captain bold and free
Who will decide which place we’ll see.
Come, let us sail the magic ship.

The School Library is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The library has everything from Classics to Encyclopedias and from Textbooks to General Knowledge. With the aim of strengthening the Power of Learning, there is an assortment of books available on competitive exams, general topics, fiction, drama, poetry, science and technology, astronomy, religion, psychology, career, arts, sports, music and other topics of interest. To enrich teaching and learning process, the library also provides a wide range of periodicals and reference books for students and teachers.

Our library serves as a treasure trove of knowledge offering students and staff a place to learn and explore. The repository houses a collection of approx 13000 volumes with the number increasing every year.