An Evacuation mock drill was conducted on 3rd May 24 in Lions Public School. An emergency bell was rung at a certain time. Within 2 minutes all the students gathered at the alloted places as per the plan.   A demonstration was also given to students by operating the ABC fire cylinder. This drill was […]

English Language Day

kieEnglish Language Day was celebrated on May 1st with active participation from students across classes 6 to 8. The event featured engaging activities that aimed to enhance language skills. Class 6 presented a captivating story. Class 7 showcased a skit focusing on English tenses, making grammar concepts interactive and fun. Class 8 engaged in a […]


“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” – Marion C. Garretty Mothers are a priceless gift from God and a perfect amalgamation of love, devotion and sacrifice. The bond of a mother and her child is inexplicable. The students of Class VB  celebrated this day with great […]


On 09.05.24, Students of classes 11 and 12 celebrated English week with a delightful and enriching event to commemorate the importance of the English language and to encourage students to explore and appreciate its beauty and versatility. The day began with a special assembly, where students and teachers gathered to kick off the celebrations. The […]


Lions Public School conducted a Bagless day activity for the students of Classes III to V  on 9th May 2024 to retain the freshness in learning. The fun filled and engaging activities focused on developing creative, speaking and listening skills of the students. Students enjoyed the  day that was  light, full of laughter and left with beautiful […]


Bal and Balika  manch for  classes III TO V was conducted on 9th May 2024  in  K.C Wadhwa Memorial and Activity Basement Hall respectively.  Teachers discussed with them the importance of Health and Hygiene and the different ways of staying safe . The problems were discussed and the best possible solutions were given to them.

Bal and Balika Manch

*Meaning and types of anti-bullying were explained to the children. * children were asked to approach right people such as teachers, House Council members Prefects etc. to share their concerns Some problems faced by children- * teasing of junior children by the senior children in corridor during the dispersal or recess. * Senior students or […]

Fun Day Celebration

A fun day event was organized for classes nursery to ll  before summer vacation. It provided a wonderful opportunity for the children to express themselves by showing their talent in various activities like singing, dancing, drawing etc. The addition of colour code probably made the event more vibrant. Pictures were clicked while enjoying all these […]


On the 19th of May, Lions Public School witnessed the Felicitation Ceremony of the meritorious students who had topped the CBSE class X and XII Board Examination session 2023-24. School Chairman, Lion Dr. K.S. Dhaka, Vice-Chairman Lion Bhim Vasudev, Ex –Chairman Lion A.C. Goel, Manager  Mr. Rajiv Kumar and  PTA member Mr. Premjeet Singh were […]