An Inter class Character Dramatization Competition was organized for Classes I & II on 1-2-24. Children performed with passion, confidence and patriotic feeling. Each child showed their mastery over voice modulation, pitch ,rhythm and tone. The programme promoted the  message of freedom struggle and it’s importance in today’s life. Results of the competitions are –

Participants                 Class                             Position

Atharav Kant                      I A                                          Ist

Aditya                                  I B                                         IInd

Yashika Grover                  I C                                        IInd

Angel                                   I B                                         IIIrd

Kunj                                     I B                              Appreciation

Reyhansh                           II B                                        Ist

Ananya                             II C                                       IInd

Gyansh                             II C                                  Second

Sanskar Singh

Karki                            II A                                    IIIrd

Ishan Gupta               II A                             Appreciation               

Advik Saxena           II B                             Appreciation